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Harassment Of Female Gamers- Guest Post!

Just some of the shit female gamers get.

Games are made for one reason and one reason only, to have fun. Most of the times gamers have fun with their games. However for someone that fun is taken away by the behaviour of other gamers. It can get to a point that the person will stop playing the game and for me that is unacceptable. That is why I want to make a point of it and raise awareness. As a fellow gamer I want to stand up for them. I’m talking about harassment of female gamers.
Harassed how? 

Yes, it happens and it’s ruining the gaming experience for them. First, let me give you a few examples of the harassment that female gamers are facing every day.  They are being told the worst things, they are being verbally discriminated and are sometimes victim of a sick sexist joke.

A few examples of the things that they are being told are: “Get back in the kitchen”, “You are not supposed to be gaming”, “You are no good at playing games so just stop”, and more disturbingly, things like; “you are only good at being something to fuck”.

The above are only a few examples of the things that are being said to female gamers and not nearly all of them. These few examples alone make my blood boil. Yes they can block and report the person but the damage has already been done. Imagine what it would be like if someone would say things like that to you, how would that make you feel?  I sure as hell would not have fun playing that game anymore and I most likely will stop playing that game online for a while. There are female gamers that stop playing a game because of it, others ignore the harassment and continue playing. I understand both choices and totally support them. But this does not cover up what happened, it’s discriminating and people should get banned for it.


So why do people behave like this for no apparent reason? I have been thinking about this for a few days and all I could come up with is that they are either provoked by someone or something or that they have become very frustrated with the game and take it out on others. They see female gamers as an easy target to vent their frustration.

Why female gamers may look like an easy target is also something that keeps me guessing, they probably assume that they are an easier target then male gamers? Usually the GamerTag or ingame name of female gamers gives their gender away, instantly getting the attention of male gamers. There are female gamers that choose not to take a GamerTag of ingame name that gives away their gender. Very understandable but sad that they can’t put whatever they want in it, because they might be targeted by harassing idiots. But I don’t see why female gamers are an easy target, there are female gamers that can easily tell people that bother them to leave them alone and grow the fuck up. Maybe it’s just simple sexual discrimination; ‘men are much better at everything and we can therefore insult women who try to do the same things we do’ – or some similar bs. 

We probably will never know exactly why because the reason can differ from person to person. However we can stand up against behavior like this and let everyone know that this is not acceptable.


What could be done to stop or prevent this from happening? Well, there are a few things that can be done, however I don’t think we can make this go away completely.  There are already ways to stop one person from harassing you by blocking them and you can report the person as well.  

Prevention might help a lot since many gamers harassing other gamers are under aged. So this is where the parents come in. Now I am not going to tell anyone how to raise their kids but, if parents are supervising while  their kids play a game online, they can make sure they behave.  

Even if a lot of parents take the time so keep an eye on their kid during his gaming hour(s), I think that raising awareness is more effective. The more people talk about it the more people realize; it’s a real problem, it’s bigger than people think and it’s ruining the gaming experience for female gamers. 

So spread the word on social media, at your school, wherever you can. If you have been harassed or you know female gamers that have been harassed while playing games, talk about it, spread the word that it’s not cool and let’s put a stop to it!  

I am standing up for female gamers! Will you join me?  
I’d like to thank Ari for posting this on her blog. Also, thanks to the female gamers that responded to my request and told me what kind of harassment they’ve had to deal with.  I appreciate it and without their stories I would not have been able to write this post as it is. So thanks <3!  

Comment on this blog post, I want to know what others think about the subject. 
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